19KG LPG Cylinder

Instant gas connection, quick refill and prompt service are what INDANEGAS offers. And it’s easy! Just pick up the phone and call now!


Product Description

Non-Domestic packed LPG cylinders are supplied in three variants i.e. 5 Kg, 19 Kg & 47.5 Kg Capacity.Customers whose LPG flow requirement is lower can use 19 Kg & 47.5 Kg Cylinders with self Closing Valve.For a customer who’s LPG requirement is low and intermittent may use 5 Kg Cylinders.

On Spot Connection

Quantity & Quality Assured

Fully Refundable Deposit

Hassle- free Services

Some of the reasons why you should opt for INDANEGAS cylinders are:

  • Instant Gas connection:Getting a gas connection with INDANEGAS is easy, hassle-free and involves minimal paperwork. Provide photo identity and address proof, get a new LPG connection delivered within 24 hours.
  • Fully Refundable Deposit:Security Deposits are fully refundable.
  • On-time Delivery:Refill is simple and easy. Just call and get a cylinder refilled within 24-48 hours.
  • Assured Quality and Quantity:With our stringent quality checks, customers get superior quality LPG and accurate weight.
  • Prompt Service:Our on-time delivery, after-sales service and friendly staff make customers feel important.

We always recommend ISI marked accessories for safety.  Let us know about your requirement for new gas connection by clicking on the “Online Enquiry” or give us a missed call on 00000000 for our expert team to get in touch with you.