Indian Oil Corporation, the largest LPG marketer in the country, is in constant endeavour to cater the LPG requirement of all citizens, across every nook and corner of the country. Indian Oil is marketing Free Trade LPG (FTL) in 5 Kg cylinders against the production of identity proof only. There is no hassle of documentation; no address proof is required to avail FTL connection.

Over the years, with the boom in various segments such as IT, Real Estate, BPOs and Educational Institutes, a large category of customers have emerged, who are young, staying away from home, migrant in nature and have got adequate disposable income for using LPG. However their monthly consumption is considerably less in view of their nature of job. This category of customers can afford LPG but are unable to avail new connection in view of absence of proof of address and paucity of time to visit the distributorship during the working hours, because of their highly irregular work timings.

Also there are many migrant labourers and students in the cities, who can not avail a new connection, because of non-availability of address proof. Against production of identity proof, FTL cylinders can be issued to them. The young professional requires smaller capacity of cylinders without much hassle of documentation. Also they prefer the availability of LPG cylinders at a convenient place round the clock. Similarly the small tea stall, road side eateries owners prefer 5 kg FTL cylinder because of less initial investment and ease to carry the cylinders.

In order to meet the requirement of target segment of customers, IOC is marketing 5 kg FTL cylinders through its distributors, retail outlets and various point of sale like Kirana Stores. Customer also has the option of home delivery of such cylinders by paying Rs 25/- extra to the nearby point of sales. The customer is also given an opportunity for buy back of the cylinder at Rs 500/- with our point of sales. The buyback value is irrespective of the year of use.

On Spot Connection

Quantity & Quality Assured

Fully Refundable Deposit

Hassle-Free Services

The market is flooded with small LPG cylinders that ignore safety features, thus compromising on the safety of the user. Under-filling of cylinders is another issue that robs the customers of their rightful fuel for money spent. Apart from being low-priced, our 5 Kg SUNSHINE GAS AGENCY Cylinder addresses the above issues with safety features, accurate weight, convenience and portability.

Today, it is the No.1 choice in its category because of its ease of use and several other benefits.


  • Fully refundable deposit

  • Low gas price

  • Minimal connection charges

  • Assured quantity and quality (IS 4576)

  • Safe and strong cylinder (BIS and PESO approved)

  • Easily available

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