LPG Leak Detector for Home

LPG is odorless and Ethyl Mercaptan is added for odor, so that LPG leakage can be easily detected. To enhance safety measures, SUNSHINE GAS AGENCY has introduced LPG Gas Leak Detector, a wall-mounted gas leak detecting device which alerts the Customers much before the explosive limit. This would help in taking quick remedial measures and accidents can be avoided.

Compact Size (like a door bell)

Quick Response Time

Reliable Semiconductor Sensor

In-built Stainless Steel Filter

Working Details and specifications:

  • Wall-Mounted (0.3 meters from floor level)

  • Alarm setting -20% of Lower Explosive Limit i.e. triggering signal much before it can cause accidents

  • External siren -100 dB

  • Operating voltage- 12V DC

  • 5 meter long cable wire for sensor and siren

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