Safety Tips for Industry

SUNSHINE GAS AGENCY emphasizes importance of safety at customer’s LPG installations and operations.

Safe working environments ensure employee safety and productivity, be it at industrial or commercial set up. We recommend our customers to follow these safety measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable work place.


Precautions you have to be aware of

Shout and raise alarm / siren in case of unsafe conditions
In case of leakage, stop all operations, close all isolation valves
In case of valve leakage from cylinder, put the safety cap and take the cylinder to an open space
Use D.C.P type fire extinguishers in case of fire and /or call Fire Brigade
Call Fire Brigade, SUNSHINE GAS AGENCY , if leakage is not controlled


The Don’ts that you should not

Don’t keep cylinders in a horizontal position. Always keep the cylinder in upright position
Don’t heat the cylinder directly or indirectly
Check the cylinder for any leakage from ‘O’ ring and valve before connecting
Restrict entry to authorized persons only
Turn off the valve when cylinder is not in use
Don’t keep unconnected cylinders
Don’t store any extra material in the LPG shed
Keep the area clean

In Emergency(active tab)

In emergency dial

Police: 100
Fire Brigade: 101