Service Offered By us To the Industry


Project Coordination from concept to Commissioning.

Cost optimization of project.

Piping Design

  • Piping requires much more than just the supply of pipes. Continuous monitoring of changes dynamic elements of design, material Engineering, manufacturing, inspection and testing as well as our customers fabrication schedules require our constant attention and action.
  • We are well aware of these elements of each project and expectation of the customer.
  • Our experience and knowledge of technical and logistical challenges ensure project execution to perfectly fit the customer’s needs.
  • All activities are coordinated within the group, regardless the location of the supplier and the construction site.
  • Our Network is able to handle these demands and has proven its effectiveness in numerous projects.


  • MS Piping
  • SS piping
  • Jacketed Piping
  • PVC piping
  • PP Piping
  • HDPE Piping


  • Low Pressure Piping
  • High Pressure Piping


  • LPG Piping
  • Oxygen, Nitrogen Piping
  • Compressed air piping
  • Waste Water Piping
  • Piping Structure.
  • Slurry Piping of all Kinds
  • Water Piping

Pipe Routing

We follow four different Methods


  • Piping Traditional Routing

The most time consuming ‘classical way’ part by part continuously. This classic Method allows us to route one by one part, pipe, valve and every element carefully.

  • Auto Routing

This helps us design the best path or pipe route faster than ever. Just few clicks (from and to) at the nozzle. Then we let the system automate pipe routing for you based on the piping specification database we have in the system.

  • Semi-Auto Routing

This method is a combination between the manual way and fully automatic way.

  • Smart Fitting

Smart fitting allows us to extend or add pipe branches by dragging any point you like on the pipe. This feature will automatically put the fitting on. If it’s an extending pipe, then the fitting will change automatically.